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Submission Deadline: October 23, 2014

The Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. Community Networking Soiree is an opportunity for Long Island's high school students as well as current college-bound high school graduates to experience an inter-generational professional and social relationship with a diverse pool of male and female community role models representing the arts, business & professional world, academia, human services and local politics. 

This event, not unlike our Self-Empowering Workshop Series which we have offered over the past three years, subscribes to, in an age appropriate manner, the needs expressed by students and their parents for tools that would heighten awareness, and create solutions as they navigate the many challenges which can interfere with college success. These challenges include: concerns about navigating the high school culture, internet and social media, issues regarding separation from home, time management, money management, values, peer pressure, peer relationships, study habits, alcohol, drugs and sex. 

All Participants can look forward to interacting with an impressive line-up of motivational presenters and Resource Persons which includes current college students, professors, medical doctors, community activists and faith based leaders, mental health practitioners, and public officials - all of whom care about the well-being and academic success of our youth. 

Other highlights include: lunch, entertainment, high tea, beauty and heath activities, giveaways and more! 

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2014 Community Networking Soiree