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Arts * Fashion * Culture and Creative Counseling as an out-of-the-box approach to Youth and Family Empowerment for the Successful Navigation of 21st Century Life Challenges & Pitfalls   
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Theme: Empowering Self and Community

9th -12th grade Long Island high school students, use the arts form of your choice to demonstrate or illustrate self and community empowerment inspired by the following statement:

 “Children and teens experience a more difficult and troubled life today than in  years gone by, as they struggle with: social pressures * drugs * sex * violence * low self-esteem * media & technology influences and pitfalls.”

What is your reaction to this struggle? 

How can this situation be reversed? 

Your role in the solution process is important to us!

Contestants and Winners

All contestants will receive awards, complimentary prizes and media exposure in recognition of their participation in the contest.

 Winners from grades 9, and 10 will receive a 500.00 Empowerment Scholarship while winners from grades 11, 12 and 2014 college-bound graduates will receive 1000.00 college scholarship. All winners will also receive the 2014 Creative Empowerment Award for 9-12 Grade Students, and will be the featured Creative Empowerment Expressionists at our November 20th, 2014. Scholarship and Fundraising Gala.   


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  Good News!
Extended Submission Deadline: 11/ 08/14
Parents, Teachers, District Arts Coordinators, Youth Organization Leaders, and Members of the Long Island Community, kindly encourage the youth in grades 9-12 you know to participate in this contest.

Scholarships will be awarded 
at 2014 Gala on 11/20/14 

All contestants get to attend at 
no cost to them. 

Parents/guardians and adult immediate family members: $60.00 per person.

Children: $25.00.

Seasoned Senior Discounted Rate Available 

Creatively Embracing 21st Century Youth Scholarship & Fundraising Gala
 An Evening to Creatively Celebrate Long Island's Youth

At 6:30 PM on Thursday, November 20, 2014, Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. will present awards and scholarships to the winners and participants in their current Creative Empowerment Arts Contest, and treat their guests to a gourmet dinner at the Chateau La Mer, 845 S. Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, New York. Highlights include a treat to the creative expressions of each winner, as well as a presentation of all arts contest entries. Long Island's high school contest participants get to attend the gala at no cost to them. Another highlight of the evening is the acknowledgement of a special breed of exemplary community role models, who will be honored for their commitment to the well-being of 21st Century youth and families. 

Master of Ceremonies: Award-Winning Video Journalist, Waldo Cabrera
Executive Producer: Fios1 and My Long Island TV.

Donation: $100.00  
 All Creative Empowerment Arts Contest participants: Free - Deadline extended to November 8, 

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Proceeds support Your Time For Creative Empowerment's free programs and services to Long Island's youth and their families.

Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that works with children, adolescents and parents within the secular and faith-based communities in the Long Island area. Our mission is to identify, develop, and create self-help solutions to the challenges and pitfalls of life in the 21st Century through the use of
the arts, fashion, culture and life’s experiences.

   Arts * Fashion * Culture as Solutions for 21st Century Challenges and Pitfalls